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Reverse Auction Experts

More than just software.

  • On-site management for all auctions
  • Additional supplier sourcing
  • Bid specification consultation
  • Strategies for supplier stability and participation
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State & Local Government

We make it easy for complex procurement codes to integrate with the world’s leading reverse auction technology

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Address both clinical and indirect procurements with our innovative e-sourcing and e-auction technology

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Caribbean Government

Address unique island sourcing and contracting needs while driving savings by teaming up with EasiBuy

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Multi-Location Retail

EasiBuy's retail and restaurant practice supports some of the world's largest and most recognized brands

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What We DoeSourcing Experts with Best-in-Class Cloud Services

You buy things all the time. That's your profession: buy things according to procurement best practices. EasiBuy is here to help you do that, and we brought along our toolset to help improve that process in measurable ways. When you partner with EASi, you'll get help from other professionals who care about the purchasing process.

Market Research

We understand that conducting a purchase requires resources. When we ask our customers to run reverse auctions, we recognize that in order for the event to be considered a success, the buyer must realize value from the effort they input. Our goal is to identify and reject bad opportunities as early as possible. Our staff conduct market research to identify the viability of a reverse auction event early in the process. This saves everyone time, and builds lasting relationships with our customers.

Strategic Sourcing

Our staff will adopt your organization's policies and parameters for sourcing suppliers. We've conducted bids with wide-open sourcing requirements, as well as tightly controlled sourcing requirements with complex quantitative evaluation factors that are input in to our software's real-time weighting features. We'd love to share more details with you on a phone call or in an email.

Bid Strategy

Not every bid fits neatly in to a list of line items. EasiBuy have developed innovative strategies for reverse auction procurements, including our hybrid bidding strategy. This strategy allows us to conduct reverse auctions for purchases with thousands of line items, such as office supplies. Not only are our buyers pleased with the results, but even the vendors have provided positive feedback on these time saving innovations.

Reverse Auction

When the time comes to run the reverse auction event, our offering stands out among the rest. We put service first by staffing all reverse auction events with dedicated teams. Conducting purchasing events in real-time means handling issues in real time. Your account manager will attend your purchase event in-person, or in a live online meeting, where you'll observe as bidders compete for your business. Bid staff will handle calls from vendors and monitor the bid for exceptions. We like to say that an EasiBuy reverse auction is the most fun you'll have in the purchasing business. Give us a call and we'll invite you to attend one of our upcoming purchases.


After the reverse auction event, you'll receive detailed reports with pricing details on a line-by-line basis, as well as a side-by-side bidder comparison of all pricing received. Our software allows you to incorporate non-price factors that are reflected in the reports alongside the unweighted values. You can award confidently, and with maximum transparency, as our reports contain a timestamped, detailed log of every bid placed through the software.

Our Software Works BetterIntuitive interface helps buyers and bidders focus on what's important

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Buyer ScreenReceive real-time insight

  1. Multiple views allow you to drill down on individual bidders and line items
  2. Watch competition play out on the real-time graph
  3. Pause an event if any issues arise
  4. Savings calculations include non-price factors

Bidder ScreenFeedback that keeps bidders engaged

  1. Rankings update in real-time
  2. Resolve bid errors quickly with clear instruction
  3. Legible text and visual hierarchy
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Our Clients

We're proud to work with some of the largest state and local governments in the US.

  • Staet of New York
  • Los Angeles City and County
  • State of Connecticut
  • State of Rhode Island
  • City of Chicago

Some familiar companies choose EasiBuy as their procurement partner.

  • Ann Taylor
  • Gap Stores
  • Guitar Center
  • Jo-ann Stores, Inc.

Top regional health care organizations partner with EasiBuy to save millions.

  • Cook County Health and Hospital Systems
  • Erlanger Health System
  • Robinson Memorial Hospital

Reverse AuctionFAQs

  • Should I just be running simple purchases reverse auction?
  • Are reverse auctions all about price?
  • Is it true that reverse auctions do not consider non-price factors?
  • Are reverse auctions good for all purchases?
  • Do vendors like reverse auctions?

No. Contact us below to find out why.

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